Dall Sheep Hunting In Alaska, With Alaska Hunting Safaris Hunting Guide & Pilot Rick Herscher


The Brooks Range is without doubt the best area in Alaska for sheep hunting.

Dall Sheep Hunting
Map of Alaska showing where to hunt Dall SheepIt is Alaska’s last frontier and much less crowded than other Alaskan hunting areas. You will find more old, mature rams here than from other areas in Alaska.
Rams from this area grow old!


This hunt originates from Galbraith Lake, on the Northeast slopes of the range, where hunters are met and transported to the hunting camp.

Guests fly to Fairbanks, Alaska, rest and motel. The next day fly on to Galbraith lake with Wright Air Service from Fairbanks International Airport. Generally you will fly on to the hunting camp the same day.


Hunting season is August 10th to September 20th. The area is North of the Arctic Circle so we like to book our sheep only hunters on the first two hunts in August as weather can be unpredictable after September. Clients wishing to take Grizzly must plan on hunting into September.

Campsite while hunting for dall sheepTemperatures can run from 45-70 degrees in August, averaging 55 or 60 degrees. It is a fairly dry area but some rain can be expected. After early September the weather can be unpredictable, it can snow or freeze-up anytime. This is not so bad for Grizzly or Caribou, but can be a problem on a sheep hunt.


Clients will fly into spike camps where sheep population surveys have been done via air surveys. In August it barely gets dark, expect very long days hunting, climbing and glassing. Hunters should be in good physical condition and be able to carry a 20 or 25 pound back pack with lunches, binoculars, gear and rain gear.

The spike-camps are high quality mountain tents or “Bomb Shelters”. They are warm, clean and dry but have no modern conveniences.

Dall Sheep Hunting

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