How to Remove Pet Hair from Couch

Static electricity and low humidity, especially in the winter makes the already annoying pet hair worse. Pet hair can cling so tightly to an expensive leather sofa in the winter. If you have a dog or a cat, removing pet hair from your couch is one of your biggest concerns in your household. Here are quickest and easiest ways of removing pet hair from your couch.

Use pet hair vacuum cleaner

Pet hair can remain embedded in the fibers on your carpet or couch even after vacuuming for half an hour in spring. Use a rubber broom with a squeegee on one side to sweep the couch before you start vacuuming pet hairs. Use a spray bottle to wet the surface slightly before vacuuming again when the pet hair has risen to the surface.

You should lightly spray a mix of fabric softener and water onto your couch and wipe it off. Vacuum as much as you can to remove the hairs off your couch. Remove all the cushions and vacuum the bottoms and sides of the couch thoroughly. Use the pet hair or lint attachment on your vacuum to remove the mounds of pet hair from your couch. Repeat the process to vacuum up loose pet hairs until your couch is free of pet hair.

Use sponge

Use a dry kitchen sponge or any other upholstery to get rid of the pet hair from your couches. Run it across the couch slowly and the hair will cling to the sponge. The sponge should be just dump and no water should come out when you squeeze it.

Use rubber gloves

Another easy and quick way to get rid of the fur is using a pair of rubber gloves. The surface of your rubber gloves will create tension with the surface of your couch. The pet hair will roll off in hunks that you can easily throw away. Rinse off the rubber gloves when it is fully covered with pet hair and repeat the process as needed.

Make a lint roller

DIY lint rollers are perfect for removing fur from the couch. Instead of using expensive replacement sheets, just wrap a packaging tape in a circle with the sticky-side out. The lint roller will give you much pick-up power at the fraction of the price. Alternatively, you can use dryer sheets to run a fabric softener sheet over your pet as an inexpensive way to pick up fur instead of using a brush. The process works best when the pet hair is confined at the base of your couch. The dryer sheets help loosen the static cling, which keeps the hairs stuck to your couch and pull it up to your lint so that you can throw it away. Then, you can simply wash and dry the couch as usual.

Pet hair can be a nightmare to pet owners, especially during the shedding season. In fact, if you don’t train your dog to stay off the couch you can lose your couch to layers of dog hair. You should test the option of using a dryer’s no-heat option or swapping dryer balls before you try the method depending on your situation.