Trophy Grizzly Bear Hunting With Alaska Hunting Safaris Veteran Hunting Guide Rick Herscher.



Hunting Trophy Grizzly Bears In Alaska
Grizzly Bear Hunting With Veteran Hunting Guide Rick HerscherGrizzlies, cousins to the coastal Brown Bears, inhabit the interior regions of Alaska and wilder parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

Sleeping through long severe winters, they emerge from hibernation in April. With a shorter season and less abundant food sources than the Coastal bears, Ursus Arctos Horribilis has an attitude to match.

Traditionally, hunters have been allowed 1 bear every four years, however, in recent years Alaska’s grizzly populations have exploded.

In both our Cook Inlet and Southwest Alaska areas bag limits have quadrupled to 2 bears per season, and in “predator control areas” no limit.

We hunt in the hilly to mountainous inland regions of the Alaska Range and Southwest Alaska. Spring hunts in April & May and in fall, Mid-August through October.

Grizzly Hunts In Alaska

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