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How To Maintain Your Home In The Winter

Winter does not have to be the time of the year when everything is dull and cold. Your home can be comfortable and warm all year round regardless of the weather. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your home in the winter without any inconveniences.

Balance humidity levels

Humidity levels in your house can affect the structure of the house and the health of the people living in it. During winter, humidity levels become so low. When humidity levels are too low, places in the house made of wood such as wooden floors can shrink resulting in hollow spaces, while wooden furniture may start cracking. The results may be more adverse on people living in the house. Low humidity causes skin irritation and cracking, difficulty in breathing, and sore throat. Use a hydrometer to ensure you home is humid enough to maintain your health and the structural integrity of your home. Humidity levels of between 35 to 45% are recommended during winter.

Examine your house for leaks

Leaks around the house may cause cold air to seep in during the winter. Efforts you may make to keep the house warm will be a waste, if there are leaks that replace the warm air. There may also be places that accumulate ice especially on the roof, windows, and the attic. These should be noted and taken care of before winter, whether by insulation or replacement of windows, doors or roof.

Inspect all your plumbing fixtures

There may be some plumbing fixtures in your house that are rarely used. Water may freeze in those pipes causing blockages that may burst pipes and lead to flooding. This can be a great inconvenience because you will need to shut off your water supply until the burst pipe is repaired. Ensure you run water through unused plumbing fixtures regularly be it an unused bathtub, sink or shower stall to prevent ice blockages during winter.

Clean the chimney and the fireplace

Many home owners have fireplaces but do not use them often and rarely think of cleaning the chimney. Fireplaces can come in handy especially during the, when it is possible for ice storms to hit and cause power outages. They can provide you with the necessary heat to survive when other sources of heat are down. Ensure the chimney and the fire place is ready for use before winter, just in case the power goes out. Plus, lighting the fireplace during winter can be quite romantic.

Regularly clean and replace the furnace filters

The heating system in every home works around the clock during winter. Therefore, filters are bound to get dirty faster than during other times of the year. Taking too long to clean or replace them may not only bring contaminated air into your home, but may also cause them to malfunction. Ensure you clean the furnace filters at least once a month and replace them when necessary to ensure comfort during winter.

It is important to start planning for winter early to avoid problems that come with the cold of winter. Ensure everything is running smoothly and if possible have a backup plan for anything that can be damaged in the cold. The above tips should enable you to stay cozy during any winter.