Jan 302012

Just a note about my hunt with Rick on the Pennisula last spring.

The weather was horrible but alas it was an enjoyable Alaskan wilderness experience.

No phones, no emails, no texts, no kids, no buddies, just Rick and myself. The only sounds  heard were the howling of the wind and the beatimg of the rain against the tent. Other than our own plane that came in to pick us up we saw/heard very few aircraft flying overhead, which was suprising even for this 25 year Alaskan resident.

What was a real shocker is that we never got wet while we were inside the tent, only when we went out. Most tents leave something to be desired, normally you are wet and miserable but not in the bomb shelter!  Our tent never blew down unlike the other hunters in the area. They had to be “rescued” multiple times by helicopters. Rick knows how to pick a camp site.

If you go on one of these hunts  be prepared for the weather. Gortex is be a requirement. Make sure your reading material with you as well as your sense of humour.  We cant be upset with the weather, just greatful that you can experience something in the wilderness that most other people could only dream about.


Mark Hunting  with Alaska Hunting Safaris

Mark on top of one of the many mountains at brown bear camp.

Mark Hunting

Rick is prepping lunch.

Alaskan Mountains